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Hammarlunds Antikvariat

Sankt Göransgatan 98
112 45 Stockholm
+46-8650 70 02 / 073-775 93 29


Price: EUR 525,00

[Block puzzle / Box puzzle]

Le messager d´amour / Le petit coquin / Le peintre / L àne(?) stiné / Le chien fidèle / A la chasse

About 1840-1850. Wooden box + 3 (of 6) hand coloured lithographic sheets + 24 wooden cubes. All sides of the cubes are covered with hand coloured lithographic paper. Wooden box 20 x 15, 5 x 5,5 cm. The lithographic sheets as well as the assembled cubes ca 14 x 9,5 cm. The cubes are 22 mm on all six sides.

The wooden box is covered with brown paper except for the frame at the top which is painted black. Also, black paper is pasted to one side of the bottom part of the box, and light brown paper is pasted underneath the bottom of the box. Metal ornamentations in gilt in two of the corners at the top of the box. Decorated gilt bands along the inside edge of both the top- and bottom part of the box. White paper covers the interior of the box. The box has a hasp. The box is worn. The box halves are separated, since the hinges are missing. Parts of the pasted papers are rubbed off, both on the inside and the outside. Some dirt and staining to the inside paper. Some discolouring to the gilt bands. A few creases and a couple of short tears to the lithographic sheets. Some stains to the versos. Three sheets are missing. Slight wear and some minor spots to the cubes. Three of the lithographic paper caps are missing. One cap is slightly shifted.

A wonderful block puzzle with six different scenes. A boy going out to hunt, watched by two girls; a girl executing a painting of another girl; a country scene with a dog, a horse, a child and a woman; a message of love in a park including two girls and a boy; an idylic scene with a woman, children and a lamb in the woods: two girls and dogs playing around with a donkey. The cubes are housed in an openable wooden box with glas and a framework at the top making the whole thing look like a framed artwork. The hand coloured lithographic sheets works as blueprints on how to assemble the cubes. Each scene has a caption in french below the image. The game is probably of french origin.

Item No: 2741