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[Emigration] F. L. Schmidt.

Några wälmenta råd och upplysningar för swenska utwandrare till amerikanska staterna. (Tredje, tillökta upplagan). En reskarta medföljer.

Falun. Tryckt hos F. L. Schmidt. 1869. 16 x 9,5 cm. 60 pp. (including title) + folding map (20,5 x 53 cm unfolded)

Printed paper cover with title inside a decorative frame. A faint blue stamp on the front cover. The back cover with a long tear along the spine. The map is detached from the booklet and in two pieces as well as with a partial separation to a fold.

A guide for swedish emigrants to America. The folding map shows Scandinavia, England, the north Atlantic and the routes to Chicago and the upper midwest. According to the title leaf it is the third enlarged edition, but no first and second editions are known. Probably a publishing trick.

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