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Hammarlunds Antikvariat

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Price: EUR 350,00

[Drawings] Mörner, Hjalmar

Five early ink drawings on three leaves.

1808. 30 x 21 cm + 20,5 x 29 cm + 22 x 31 cm

Attached in the corners with glue to paper boards. Stains and creases.

The sketches were made in 1808 by the 14 year old Hjalmar Mörner (1794- 1837). The litterature do not mention any known work by Mörner as early as the present drawings (Winquist, Margareta 1972, Svenskt Konstnärslexikon). The manuscript text on the drawings reads "No 1 af Hjalmar Mörner i present till W J(?) Holmer 1808", "No 2 Gust. Hjalmar Mörner år 1808" "No 3, 4 and 5. af cornett Hjalmar Mörner till W J(?) Holmer 1808". Mörner is famous for his quick humorous sketches of people and situations. He gained a reputation as a coming great artist in his younger years. He published several fine plate books in Sweden, Italy and England and spent twelve years in Italy, where he among other things created his most famous work "Carnevale di Roma".

Item No: 3839