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Price: EUR 1000,00

[Japanese Sample Book with Kimono Patterns]

Sekishin Mon-hon [?] [The title probably means "New Weawing Pattern Book"]

Kyoto. Shimizu Kiemon (Kamaza-dori, San-jo, Agaru). Ca 1850. 30 x 21 cm. Original paper cover + 14 kimono patterns + 3 stencil prints.

Uncoloured paper covers with a broad paper strip as spine. Quite worn, smudged, creased and stained covers. The front cover with a 12 cm knife incision. Six of the samples with small damages to the grids, in the lower corners. A worm hole through a few of the margins. Some finger dirt in the lower paper margins.

A book containing different samples of patterns for kimonos. The designs have been executed on green grids, probably made of plant material, by applying stencils in black, gold and silver creating intricate patterns. Each sample with a title label at the top. The see through designs are held in place by paper strips attached to cut out paper frames. In the back of the book we have three stencil prints on paper displaying flowery patterns. During the Kaei-period (1848- 1854) the book belonged to a kimono shop in Kyoto named Shimizu Kiemon (Kamaza-dori, San-jo, Agaru), the shop´s stamp is on the inside of the title page. It was later owned by Tatsumura Orimono a fabric shop in Kyoto founded in 1894 and still in operation. Some time ago the company sold a part of their book collection and the present copy is believed to be one the those books. As far as I understand it is their label on the inside of the back cover. The exact meaning of the title is a bit uncertain. It might be Sekishin Mon-hon, thus meaning New weawing Pattern Book. Since I do not read Japanese, I have received most of the information about the book from the previous owner. If something turns out to be wrong the buyer is of course free to return the book and get a full refund, and my apologies. A rare item.

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