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Price: EUR 3800,00

[Japanese Scroll Manuscript]

Flags of the different Daimios of Japan.

Ca 1860s. Scroll 407 x 17,5 cm. Wooden box 23 x 7 x 6,5 cm. Paperboard box slightly larger than the wooden box.

One separation (the scroll is in two pieces) as well as a couple of repaired separations. Some small losses in the margins, slightly into the image area in one place. A part of the lower margin reinforced. A few repaired tears. A couple of small holes. Overall in very nice condition.

A very long manuscript paper scroll with text is in english and japanese. The scroll lists the names of 29 japanese Daimyos (Landlords) and their respective province, capital and the annual revenue in kokus of rice. 88 depicted flags represents the different Daimyos. It was probably made in the 1860s after the opening of Japan in the 1850s but before the Meiji era when the administrative divisions changed and the Daimyos lost their land titles. I presume that it was used as a gift to a foreign dignitarie. It comes in a modern specially made wooden box which in turn is housed in a paperboard box. A beautiful and quite spectacular item. Very uncommon.

Item No: 4069