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Price: EUR 190,00

[Stockholmsutställningen 1897] Liljeholmen

Minne af utställningen i Stockholm 1897 [Box title]

Litografiska Aktibolagets i Norrköping Ångkartongfabrik. A circular paperboard box. Diameter: 8, 5 cm. Height 1,5 cm. Inside the box a medal made of stearin depicting king Oscar II of Sweden at the front and a large candle in a candlestick at the back.

A part of the rim of the lid is unstuck. Very nice condition, not far from perfect.

A memento from the Stockholm Industrial Exhibition of 1897 sold at the exhibition hall of Liljeholmen´s Stearin Factory in the fair grounds. The hall in itself was quite spectacular in the form of a 23 meter high candle in a candle stick. The base of the stick was the exhibition hall. The well known medal engraver August Högel (1850- 1922) engaved the medal which was then produced in stearin and sold in the present decorative box. His name is engraved at the medal. The text on the front of the medal reads "Brödrafolkens väl 1872-1897". At the back the text reads "Liljeholmens Stearinfabriks Montre 1897". The text at the lid reads "Minne af utställningen i Stockholm 1897" with a beautiful coloured view of the main exhibition hall. Liljeholmen started to manufacture stearin candles in 1837 and is still in business.

Item No: 4139