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Price: EUR 350,00

[Soviet Propaganda Poster] Koretsky, Victor / Kershin, Yuri

The Chains are Shattered - as an Echo of our Revolution

Kalinin publishing company. Print run 90.000. Dated 22 November 1967 and pulished 1968. 58,5 cm x 84 cm.

Very nice condition.

A poster by the renowned russian propagandist Victor Koretsky (1909 - 1998) and his colleague Yuri Kershin. Koretsky was active from the 1930s to the 1980s. The poster was published to commemorate the 50th aniversy of the 1917 russian revolution. Loosely translated the caption reads "The chains are shattered - as an echo of our revolution", connecting the russian revolution to the anticolonial liberation movements in Africa in the 1960s. With a sledge hammer a black man is shattering chains encompassing the globe and in the background a russian worker is doing the same in 1917. A text in the upper left corner talks about the great socialistic October Revolution and imperialistic colonial masters. The parenthesis below mentions that the text was published by some form of central committee.

Item No: 4145