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[Colour plate] [Saltsjöbaden]

[Restaurangholmen and Badholmen]

About 1900. Image 37 x 50 cm. Frame 50 x 63 cm. Oleograph (Oljetryck),

Contemporary ornated frame in black and gilt. Some loss of paint on the frame. A few minor damages to the outer margins of the image, not visible since they are covered by the brim of the frame. The oleograph is pasted to a card board.

A fine oleograph depicting the wealthy seaside villa suburb of Saltsjöbaden just east of Stockholm. To the left we have Restaurangholmen and the "Grand Restaurant" which belonged to the Grand Hotel situated just outside of the image. During its first few years the hotel did not have an in house restaurant, it was placed some distance away because of the great view. It soon became unpractical and a restaurant was soon built attached to the hotel. The original facility burned down in 1968. We see Hotellviken in the centre of the image and in the distance Baggensfjärden. To the right in the foreground we have Badholmen with bathhouses.

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