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[Caricature. Colour plate] Maison Martinet (publisher)

Mlle. Félix Miolan rólede Giralda [plate from "Gallerie Dramatique - Theatre de L´Opera Comique"].

Paris. Lith. Decan. Maison Martinet, 41, r. Vivienne et 15, rue du Coq. [1840s] 36 x 25 cm including passe partout. Hand coloured lithograph.

Slight browning to the edges of the margins, not visible under the passe partout. A few very small spots to the image area. Nice condition.

A beautiful image from a french theatrical play of the 1840s, showing a young actress in her costume. The plate comes from the french gallery work "Galerie Dramatique" which was published from 1796 until 1880 with the interuption of the French-German war of 1871-1872. It has also had the names "Petit galerie dramatique" and "Nouvelle galerie dramatique". It is considered to be the most important french artist gallery of the 19th century. The early parts were engraved and later parts lithographed.

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