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[Portrait] Forsell / Sandberg

Carl de Geer Grefve till Löfsta. Landtmarsalk vid Lagtima Riksdagen år MDCCCXXIII

No year. Plate mark 26 x 19 cm. Including margins 42,5 x 29,5 cm. Engraving.

Fine condition.

An engraving portraying Count Carl de Geer of Löfsta executed by Cristian Didrik Forsell. (1777-1852), often called the last swedish engraver. He might also be called the greatest. He became famous for his work in France but returned to Sweden, by order of the swedish King Bernadotte, to develop the fine arts in his native country. The original was painted by Johan Gustaf Sandberg (1752-1854), painter and proffessor at the Royal Academy of Arts.

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