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[Plate] Rubens / Nattier

La Majorite du Roy Louis XIII.

A Paris chez le Sr. Le Change Graveur de l´Academie Royale rüe Frementeau. Avec privilege du Roy. [1710] Plate mark 50 x 35 cm. The whole sheet 62 x 46,5 cm. Engraving.

A few of creases and a couple of very short tears in the margins. Very nice condition.

A fine image designed by Jean Baptiste Nattier and engraved by Antoine Trouvain after a painting by Peter Paul Rubens. Published for the work "La Galerie du Palais du Luxembourg peinte par Rubens, dessinée par les Sr. Nattier et gravée par les plus Illustres Graveurs du Temps, d’après les dessins interprétatifs de Jean-Baptiste et Jean-Marc Nattier", containing 24 engravings. The British Museum describes the engraving as follows "Seascape with the scene taking place on a ship of state decorated with shields and flower garlands, Marie de' Medici standing at centre and pointing towards the rudder ('Government') which is being held by her son Louis XIII who is wearing a crown and holding a sceptre, the female personification of France standing as a captain while holding an orb and a sword, four allegorical figures rowing (Fortitude, Piety, Justice and Concord; identified by the shields attached to the ship), Fortitude pushing the ship offshore with a stick".

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