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[Colour plate] Dahlström, C[arl] A[ndreas]

Upproret i Prag. De Kejserliga Ståthållarne utkastas genom Slottsfönstren.

[Stockholm] C. A. Dahlström inv. & lith. P. M. Anderson impr. [ På J. J. Flodins förlag] [1847] Folio. Image area 21 x 31,5 cm. Whole sheet 30 x 45 cm. Partly hand coloured lithograph.

Mounted on heavy paper. A break to the right margin.

An interesting coloured plate from the book "Trettioåriga kriget. Historisk skildring" (The Thirty Year War. A Historic Narrative) published in 1847 and 1852. It was illustrated with 20 plates by Dahlström. A hand written note in old style swedish in the margin states that the plate was "coloured by the artist", in other words Dahlström. The claim is impossible to verify, but the plates in this book are not normally coloured. The plate shows how the emperors governors gets thrown out of a window in the palace in Prag.

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