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[Colour plate] [Mankell, Julius]

Kgl. Ingeniör=Corpsen.

[Stockholm] Comp. Lith. och tri färger af J. F. Meyer & Co. [1864] 45,5 x 34 cm. Colour printed lithograph.

Slight browning to the margins. Tape along the margins at the verso.

The Royal Corps of Engineers in action. Famous regiment chiefs, sieges, river crossings and amphibious landings are listed at the sides. A decorative plate from the work "Anteckningar rörande svenska regementers historia", (Notes on the history of swedish regiments), published in 1864. Julius Mankell was a writer as well as a member of parliament. He published a number of works on defense issues. As an MP he fought for liberal reforms such as the right to vote and the introduction of a republic.

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