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[Plate] [Merian, Matthias]

Eigentlische vorbildung der Feldschlacht so im ober Elsass den 1 Martij 1634 (..).

[Second half of the 17th. century] Plate mark 27,5 x 35 cm. The whole sheet 31,5 x 36,5 cm. Engraving.

Margins frayed. A small paper loss to the lower left corner, otside the image area. The fold is separeted in the lower part. Small reinforcment with old newspaper at the back.

A view of the commencing stages of a battle in Ober Elsass on the border areas of Swizerland, Germany and France. The confrontation was a part of the thirty year war. Place names such as Dann, Hirtenstein, Auffholtz, Weckenthal and Sennen can be seen on the image. As well as the river Thur. The plate was issued for the work "Theatrun Europaeum" by Matthias Merian, a 21 volume work published 1633 to 1738.


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