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[Colour plate] Mankell, Julius.

Kgl. Ingeniör: Corpsen.

Stockholm. Comp. Lith. och trifärger af J. F. Meyer & Co. [C. E. Fritzes Bokandel] [1864] Folio. 48,5 cm x 36 cm. Color lithograph.

Slight damp stain in the upper margin.

A decorative plate from the folio work "Anteckningar rörande svenska regementers historia", (Notes on the history of swedish regiments), published in 1864. A second edition in 8:o was published in 1866. Both editions with 32 plates. Julius Mankell was a writer and member of parliament. He published a number of works on the defense of the country and the military. As an MP he fought for liberal reforms such as the right to vote and the introduction of a republic. Another plate book in folio by Mankell is "Stockholm i fordna dagar" (Ancient Stockholm).

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