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[Colour plate] Eckert, / Monten.

Königreich Schweden. Grenadier Bataillon Smoland. Gemeiner & Subalternoffizier. / Royaume de Suede. Bataillons des Grenadiers de Smolande. Soldat. - Officier subalterne.

Würtzburg. Christian Weiss. 1838-1843. Plate area 24 x 19,5 cm. Including margins 32 x 23 cm Hand colored lithograph.

The plate is mounted at the text sheet. Narrowly cut in the right margin. Small damage to the lower left corner of the margin. Tear to the right margin of the text sheet, not affecting the image.

A beautiful lithograph showing a private and an officer in front of the troops. The plate is a part of the monumental german work "Sämtlische truppen von Europa in charakteristischen Gruppen dargestellt", containing several hundred plates of the armies of Europe. Forty plates shows the swedish army. The captions are in german and french. A blind stamp between the captions reads "Christian Weiss in Würtzburg".

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