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[Colour plate] Dardel, Fritz von

Kongl. Skånska Husar-reg: tet

Paris. Imp. Lemercier. Bayot lith. [1861-1863] Folio. Image area 30 x 23,5 cm. Margins included 40,5 x 30 cm.

Fine condition.

Beautiful colour lithograph from Fritz von Dardels famous work "Svenska och Norska Arméerna samt flottorna i deras nuvarande uniformering" (The Contemporary Uniforms of the Swedish and Norwegian Armies and Navies). The work contains 36 plates alltogether, printed in Paris by the famous firm Lemercier. This explains the high quality of the colour printing. Some details are hand coloured.The text to the work was executed under the guidance of prince Oskar Fredrik, but never finished. Scarce.

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