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[Plate] Covens, J. / Mortier, C.

Het Hoog en Lager-Huys van Engelandt.

[Amsterdam] [Ca. 1728-1730] Plate mark 42,5 x 58 cm. The whole sheet 45 x 60 cm. Etching.

A couple of pinholes. Nice condition.

The etching depicts a session of the english House of Commons with George II on throne with session of Lords inset above. The image was first published in the late 1600s. with William III on throne, another edition was published in the early 1700s. with Queen Anne on throne. The plate was probably published for the1728-1730 work "Geschiedenis van Engelandt", by De Larrey. The letters in the image would then reffer to the text of that work. The etching was executed by Romeyn de Hooghe and printed by Jan Covens and Comeille Mortier, one of the main map and print publishers of the early 18th. century. They aquired copper plates from many different 17th. century publishing houses, and printed new editions sometimes reworking and updating the plates.

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