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[Plate] Strixner

Die Israeliten die das Manna Sammeln (The Israelites Collecting Manna)

Gedruckt unter der Direction von Strixner in München. 1830. Plate 55 x 44 cm. Support paper 72,5 x 60 cm. Lithograph.

Some creases and a couple of very short tears to the margins of the support paper. The plate in very nice condition.

A fabulous plate of the highest quality in large folio. Lithographed after an original by Johan Hemmling by Johann Nepomuk Strixner (1782-1855), one of the best early lithographers in Germany who started out around 1808. He specialized in depicting old art in lithography. He was a big contributor to the work "Les Oeuvres Lithographiques" published in Munich 1811-1816. When the present lithograph was printed in 1830 he had developed his art to a stunning level of perfection. It was published for the monumental work "Die Sammlung alt-Nieder und ober deutcher Gemälde" issued in parts 1821-1836 in Munich and Stuttgart.

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