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[Plate] Strixner

Der eintritt der Maria in den tempel [The Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary]

Gedruckt unter der Direction von Strixner in München. 1832. Plate 45 x 56 cm. Support paper 56,5 x 68,5 cm. Lithograph.

A few minor brown spots at the plate. Very nice condition.

A fabulous plate of the highest quality in large folio. A light yellowish tone has skillfully been applied to the back drop as well at some of the robes. Halos containing text above each head in the congregation. Lithographed after Israel von Meckenem and G. Heindel by Johann Nepomuk Strixner (1782-1855), one of the best early lithographers in Germany who started out around 1808. He specialized in depicting old art in lithography. He was a big contributor to the work "Les Oeuvres Lithographiques" published in Munich 1811-1816. When the present lithograph was printed in 1832 he had developed his art to a stunning level of perfection. It was published for the monumental work "Die Sammlung alt-Nieder und ober deutcher Gemälde" issued in parts 1821-1836 in Munich and Stuttgart. Isreal von Meckenem (c.1445 - 1503) was one of the great print makers of the rennaisance, known to depict himself in some of his images. A famous print of the late 1400s of him and his wife is probably the first self-portrait in a print.

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