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[Early school material] Viereck, C. F.

Åskådlig framställning af staternas geografiska historia från 2000 år före Chr. föd. intill närvarande tid tecknad efter de förnämsta historiska hjelpredor af C. F. Viereck lärare vid Elementarskolan i Gefle.

Stockholm. Stentryck af C. Müller. [ Ca.1829] 2 sheets, each measuring ca. 56 x 44 cm (Assembled ca. 56 x 88cm.). Folded once.

Lithographed and handcolored. A couple of small tears to the margins. A faint stain in the upper margin Fine condition.

This is a scaled down version of Historisk Werldskarta in 8 sheets, also by Viereck. The information is the same but on 2 sheets instead of 8. This work was meant to be assembled and used in schools as an educational tool to world history. The sheets shows bar charts in different colors. The history information is divided in to the different continents. Empires, cultures, events, wars, important persons are marked in individual colors accompanied by short text lines. Carl Fredrik Viereck a teacher - later to become Head Master - at "Elementarskolan" in the swedish provincial town of Gävle. He wrote several text books on the french and german languages. The present work is very little known and probably one of his first. It was printed by the famous Carl Müller who brought lithography to Sweden in 1818. Rare.

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