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[Plate] [Cavendish, William]

[Plate published for "Des welt-berühmten Hertzog Wilhelms von Newcastle Neu-eröffnete Reit-Bahn.." Wilhelm Hertzog von Newcastle. Guillaume Duc de Newcastle.]

[Nürnberg] [1700 or 1764] 37 x 45 cm including margins.

A few stains and light dirt to the margins. A couple of small brown spots to the image area. Short split to the fold in the lower margin. A few small chippings to the margins. Good margins. Strong impression. Near fine condition.

A high quality copper engraving showing a rider on a piedestal (William Cavendish?) surrounded by happy angels. Below the rider can be seen discarded army equipment. The engraving was published in William Cavendish "Des welt-berühmten Hertzog Wilhelms von Newcastle Neu-eröffnete Reit-Bahn.." William Cavendish (1592-1676) established a famous riding school in Antwerp while living there in exile. He is famous for his revolutionary ideas on systematic and humane horse training. His work is very significant to horsemanship and dressage. The first edition was published in french in 1657. The first German edition came in 1700 containing 82 engravings. It was reprinted in 1764 with the same plates. The present plate is from either of these two german editions. An english edition appeared in 1743.

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