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[Map] [Janssonius / Braun / Hogenberg]

[Aachen] Aquisgranum, vulgo Aich (...)

Coloniae Agripp: Mid 1650s or later. Plate mark 32,5 x 39 cm. Including margins 49,5 x 60 cm. Engraving. Latin text in two columns at the verso. Recent hand colouring.

Large margins. Reinforcements at the verso along the fold ends. Nice condition.

This town view was originally published in "Civitates", the great town atlas by Braun / Hogenberg, published in six volumes between 1572 and 1617. Johann Janssonius obtained the plates to "Civitates" and published his own town atlas based on the "Civitates" in the 1650s. Johannes van Waesbergen, a relative to Janssonius, later used some of the plates in another town atlas published in 1682. This view of Aachen is probably from one of these two later works. After van Waesbergen the printing plates went on to de Witt, van der Aa, Schenk, Valk and Covens and Mortier.

Item No: 1550