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Hammarlunds Antikvariat

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Maps & Atlases / Folding Maps

Price: EUR 50,00

[Map] Pettersson, N. P.

Godtköps-Reskarta öfver Sverige, upptagande Jernvägar, Gästgifvaregårdar, Postanstalter o. Bruk, m. m. Efter nyaste officiella materialier utarbetad af N. P. Pettersson.

[Stockholm] C. A. V. Lundholms förlag. Ca. 1880. Folding map. Folded 17,5 x 12,5 cm. Unfolded 69,5 x 62 cm.

Mounted on linen. Paper board residue at the verso of one segment. An ink stain at the verso of one segment. Nice condition.

A travel map of Sweden with railway lines, main roads, canals etc. insets of the baltic island of Gotland, the northern section of the country and the Gothia Canal.. Almost all maps of the 1800s paid little attention to the northern undeveloped part of the country. The railway lines are clearly marked in red according to the important role they played in the current development of the country.

Item No: 2859