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Mankell, J.

Karta öfver krigstheatern i Danmark 1864.

C. H. Fahlstedts förlag. Stockholm. Folded 20 x 35 cm. Unfolded 68 x 53 cm. Hand coloured in outline. Lithograph.

Large margins. Some creases and separations at the folds. A couple of stains to the margins. A little fraying and a small loss to the lower margin.The back a bit browned.

A map depicting the danish-german war of 1864 covering the lands from Kiel to Randers as well as Fyn and Langeland. The map shows areas with predominantely danish speaking population respective predominantely german speaking population as well as areas with mixed languages. Germany attacked in february of 1864 and was victorious after a few months of combat and Denmark had to give upp Schleswig, Holstein and Sachsen-Lauenberg. Denmark regained northern Schleswig in 1920. The attack on Denmark was to a great extent a function of the german unification process and the desire of Denmark to tie Schleswig tighter to the motherland. Julius Mankell was a writer and member of parliament. He published a number of works on defense issues. As an MP he fought for liberal reforms such as the right to vote and the introduction of a republic.

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