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Hammarlunds Antikvariat

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112 45 Stockholm
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Maps & Atlases / Folding Maps

Price: EUR 30,00

[Map] Railway yards.

Öfversiktsplan öfver olika förslag till bangårdsanordningar i Stockholm

Bilaga 1 (Appendix 1) Generalstabens Litografiska Anstalt. Ca 1915. Folded 21 x 15 cm. Unfolded 75 x 56 cm. Lithograph.

Old annotation in ink on the back of the map. Many fold separations. The left margin narrowly cut with a couple of minor losses. Some creases.

A very interesting map showing several different proposals of train lines, suburban trains and railway yards in and around Stockholm. Many of the plans were realized, eventhogh it took many decades in some cases. In the lower right corner we find an explanation to the proposals. Unclear to me in what context it was published.

Item No: 3822