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Hammarlunds Antikvariat

Sankt Göransgatan 98
112 45 Stockholm
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Maps & Atlases / Folding Maps

Price: EUR 30,00

[Map] Pettersson, N. P.

Godtköps reskarta öfver Sverige upptagande jernvägar, gästgivaregårdar, postanstalter, o. bruk m.m. Efter nyaste officiella materialier (..).

Central-Tryckeriet Stockholm. Ca 1885. Folded 17,5 x 12,5 cm. Unfolded 69 x 61,5 cm. Printed in red, brown and blue.

Mounted on linen. Residue from a former paper board on the back of one of the segments.

The railways in red bright colours marking their importance of that era. Insets of the northern part of the country, Gotland and Göta Kanal. No train lines north of the Sundsvall- Trondheim track. Explanations to the map in two boxes. Advertisments for other maps in the lower margin.

Item No: 3902