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[Air Photo Atlas of Stockholm]

Stadsingenjörskontorets Bildkarta över Stockholm. Delen söder om Mälaren och Hammarbyhamnen. Skala 1:4000. [All published]

Utgiven av Stockholms Stadsingenjörskontor under åren 1937-1938. Generalstabens Litografiska Anstalt. Bildkartan utförd av Aero Material AB. Folio. 63 x 46 cm. Title + 25 maps. Complete.

Half calf. Green board papers. Title in gilt at the front board. A key to the maps is pasted on the inside of the front board. A few corner folds. Very nice condition.

An early air-photo atlas of the the southern suburbs of Stockholm and the southern part of Södermalm. It covers the area from Magelungen to Södermalm and Sköndal to Lake Mälaren. The property registry map (Fastighetsregisterkartan) is superimposed on the aerial photographs, which makes it possible to make out streets, housing developments and individual lots both existing and some planned. The individual districts are delineated by red lines. The photographs are somewhat fuzzy due to the very basic technique available at the time. A treasure trove of information depicting the Stockholm just before the second world war when the city was in its initial stages of explosive suburbian expansion. There were plans to publish similar atlases of other parts of suburban Stockholm, but they were never realized. Maybe it was not a good idea to publish detailed air- photos of the capital in war time. A very rare atlas.The only copy I have sen.

Item No: 4141