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Hammarlunds Antikvariat

Sankt Göransgatan 98
112 45 Stockholm
+46-8650 70 02 / 073-775 93 29

Maps & Atlases / Miscellany

Price: EUR 50,00

[Star map] Roth, Ansgar

Karta öfver norra stjärnhimmelen (..) jämte mekanisk orienteringsapparat för himmelsobservationer.

Stockholm. Fröléen & Comp. 1910. A two piece object. A folding star map + a circular star chart which can be turned in accordance with time and and months. A device to find the position of the stars throghout the year. Both object are housed in a portfolio.

The portfolio in grey cloth and black text at the front. Slight wear along the folds of the folding map. A couple of creases and slight wear on the turning device.

An interesting item for any star-gazer.

Item No: 3788