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[Plate book] Thersner, U.

Fordna och Närvarande Sverige (..) [Utsigter af] Södermanland / [Vues de Sudermannie].

Stockholm. Tryckt hos Carl Deleen and Fr. B. Nestii Enka. 1826-1833. Measures between 43 x 56,5 and 33,5 x 51 cm. Part I-VII. 6 complete parts + 1part with wrapper only (plates and text missing). Part I: Front wrapper (pasted at the front of an original card board portfolio) + 4 plates (aquatints) + 4 text leaves; Part II: wrapper + 4 plates (aquatints) + 4 text leaves; Part III: wrapper + 4 plates (aquatints) + 4 text leaves; Part IV: wrapper + 4 plates (aquatints) + 4 text leaves; Part V: wrapper + 4 plates (lithographed) + 1 text leaf; Part VI: wrapper only, plates and text are missing; Part VII; 4 plates (lithographed) + 1 text leaf. A complete copy contains 61 plates. This copy contains 24 plates only.

Original green/gray card board portfolio with the front of the first wrapper pasted at the front board. The contents of the first wrapper is bound into the portfolio. The remaining six wrappers lay loose in the portfolio. The wrappers all have decorative printed titles at the front. The province name Södermanland and part numbers are written by hand at the front of the wrappers. A few stains to the portfolio. A few creases, tears and a couple of minor holes to the wrappers. One wrapper with most of the spine split. A couple of wrappers with some fading. A few text leaves and plates with a few spots and minor tears to the margins. A few guard papers with some creases, small holes and tears. Three plates with a small hole in the lower margin. Overall the wrappers and contents are clean and in very nice condition.

A very rare set of original wrappers with mostly uncut text and plates belonging to one of the most sought after volumes of "Fordna och Närvarande Sverige" (Ancient and present Sweden) - Södermanland. The plates shows country estates in their natural settings. Lakes, forests, people, cows, horses, dogs and picturesque vistas are shown. The text is in French and Swedish. Almost all of these beautiful wrappers were thrown away a long time ago by the bookbinders and the plates and text were cut to fit appropriate bindings. Some lucky coincident made the present wrappers survive. This is the fourth, free standing, volume of the monumental topographical work. "Fordna och närvarande Sverige", wnich was published 1817-1867 in 12 volumes containing 367 plates altogether. The first two volumes(Skåne and Östergötland) were executed entierly in aquatint, as were the early parts of the third and fourth volumes (Upland and Södermanland). The plates to the first four parts of Södermanland are in aquatint and the rest is lithographed. When the original creator Ulric Thersner died in 1828 the aquatint technique were abandoned and lithography were adopted for the execution of the rest of the work. At that time both the provinces of Upland and Södermanland were under production, which explains why these two volumes have plates both in aquatint and lithography. Some of the lithographs are executed by the great master M. G. Anckarswärd. In the present volume he shows his ability to create lively compositions. The images have a lovely balance and presence. Anckarswärd exhibits his skill in making trees, people, mountains and animals come alive. He is famous for his beautiful plate books "Sweriges Märkvärdigaste Ruiner" (Peculiar Ruins of Sweden), and "Svenska och Norrska Utsigter" (Views of Sweden and Norway).

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