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[Map] Fahlberg, Samuel

Charta öfver ön St. Bartelemy. Konungen af Sverige Gustaf de IV Adolph i underdånighet tillegnad af Författaren Samuel Fahlberg

Graverad af Fr. Akrel, Stockholm år 1801 1801 [and 1990s] Plate mark. 52 x 74 cm The whole sheet 53 x 75 cm. Hand colored engraving.

A few minor strikes coming from scratches in the copper plate. Fine condition. A beautiful map.

A swedish map of the West Indian island of Saint Barthélemy. The island was a swedish colony in the years 1784-1878. The capital Gustavia is named after the swedish king Gustavus III. The map was made by Samuel Fahlberg who was sent to the colony as a physician but soon developed many different talents, among them surveying and map making. The island is clearly divided into several adminastrative units or "Quarter". They are marked in different colours.The administrative make up of the island is explained in a table and a short text to the left side of the map. A legend can be found in the lower left corner. The original map from 1801 is exceedingly rare. This is a hand colored print made in the 1990s from the original copper plate which surfaced at an auction in Sweden. The copper plate was later sold to the United States. It is unclear how many copies that were printed in the 1990s, but only a few of them were hand coloured. I have had the opportunity to compare the present map with a very well preserved hand colored copy printed in 1801. The colouring of the present map is of very high quality, almost identical with the 1801 map.

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