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[Atlas] Stockholm

Häradskartor öfver Stockholms län upprättade af Rikets allmänna kartverk åren 1901- 1906 [and] Beskrifning till Häradskartor öfver Stockholms Län

På bekostnad af Stockholms Läns Hushållningssällskap. Graverad och tryckt vid Generalstabens Litografiska Anstalt. Published 1906- 1912. Two volumes. Atlas: Folio, 59 x 42 cm. Title + contents leaf + 33 maps. Text: Small folio, 30 x 26 cm. Containing 19 descriptions to the maps, one for each district (härad). Each description between 22 and 52 pp.

Atlas: Brown half calf with green boards. Title in gilt at the front. Text: Green cloth with title in gilt at the front. Atlas: Slight wear to the binding. A couple of stains on the spine. One margin with a crease and a very short tear. Interior in very nice condition. Great condition. Text: Slight wear to the binding. A short tear to the front fly leaf. Great condition.

The atlas covers the county of Stockholm divided into 19 districts (härader) on 33 maps. Some districts with two or more maps. The work is also reffered to as "Det Ekonomiska kartverket". It was published district by district from the 1860 through the 1920s, but never finished, large parts of the country was never mapped. The purpose was to give a detailed understanding of the land use in the country. The maps shows different kinds of land such as agriculture, fields, mosses, meadows, coniferous forests, decidous forests, water ways etc. As well as bridges, roads, tunnels, iron works, mansions, farms, vicareges, cottages, villages, train stops, lumber yards and so on. The text describes the land use in statistical tables. A very useful work. Rare.

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