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Hammarlunds Antikvariat

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112 45 Stockholm
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New Arrivals August

Price: EUR 126,00

[Photos] [Bild- und Film Amt?]

En ukrainsk flygskola: Flygarna utbildas i kulspruteskjutning under begagnande av små pilotballonger till mål. [An ukrainian flying school: The pilots are educated in machine gun firing using small ballons as targets].

[1918?] 23 x 29,5 cm.

Nice condition.

The text, in swedish, is printed on a laid down paper strip. The photo was probably taken by the german propaganda unit Bild- und Film Amt in 1918 during Ukraine´s brief independence from Russia, when the country was allied with the central powers. These propaganda photos were likely distributed to several countries and provided with text strips in the appropriate language. The photo is numbered 042 in the plate. The text strip is numbered 1958. Uncommon.

Item No: 3945