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[Maps] Reinecke, I. C. M.

Charte von Ostindien diesseits und jenseits des Ganges nach den neuesten astronom. Beobachtungen auch andern sichern hülfsmitteln neu entworfen und nach der lezten zertheilung des Mysonischen Reichs (..).

Weimar im verlage des Industrie Comptoir. 1801. 2 maps. Plate marks 49,5 x 45,5 cm. The whole sheets 52,5 x 52,5 cm and 59,5 x 52,5 cm. Hand colored in outline. Engravings. Probably the first edition, no revisions mentioned on the maps.

A few discreet brown stains and some creases. A couple of small worm holes.

Two beautiful maps covering India and South East Asia including parts of China. The sheets are meant to be assembled to form one large map. These 1801 maps were published by the" Industrie Comptoir" a forerunner to the great 19th century atlas publisher "Weimar Geographisches Institut". The" Industrie Comptoir" published loose maps as illustrations to the "Vollständiges Handbuch der neusten Erdbeschreibung". This endeavour developed into a decision to publish a Handatlas in 1804 and the forming of the "Weimar Geographisches Institut" in conjunction with that, using the maps already published for the hand book. The toned paper (as issued) and the subdued colouring gives tha maps an almost mythical dimension. When looking at them it is easy to become engulfed in visions of romantic mysteries of the east. The title mentions the Myonischen Reich, a nation in India which rose against the english in the late 18th century supported by the french. Johann Matthias Christoph Reinecke (1770- 1818) produced 16 maps for the "Industrie Comptoir" between 1798 and 1802, when he left and resumed his profession as teacher. A scarce map. (Read more: Espenhorst, Petermann´s Planet Vol I. 2003.)

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