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Price: EUR 190,00

[Colour plate] Bloch, Marcus Elieser.

[Lesser Amberjack] Scomber Fasciatus / Die Bandirte Makrele / Le Scombre à Bandes

Plate 341. [Berlin] 1782-1797. Frame 31 x 46 cm. Plate mark 20 x 37 cm. Hand coloured engraving.

Modern blue/grey frame. Very nice condition.

A beautiful plate issued for the great scientific work "Allgemeine Naturgeschichte der Fische" published in Berlin 1782-97 in german and french, containing 432 engraved plates in outstanding contemporary hand coloring. Bloch´s work is known to be the greatest fish book ever published. He attempted to describe all the fish in the known world. 200 species were described for the first time. The plate was drawn by Krüger and engraved by Hennig. The fish name is given in latin, german and french.

Item No: 3972