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Price: EUR 350,00

[Photo] Özkök, Lutfi

Andre Breton

1962. Very large photo, 46 x 41 cm. Sepia toned by hand.

Some minor knicks in the margins. Three pin holes in the lower part of the photo. One corner fold. The back a bit rough from a former mounting.

No other copy of this photo seems to have been on the market. This is probably the only copy in existence. The photo is sepia toned by hand for effect, which explains the uneven colour shifting in the margins, due to a not fully completed toning. Özkök´s photographs have a special magic quality to them, maybe because he was a poet first. He manages to capture the soul of his subjects. Some of his photos are truly iconic, such as the world famous portarit of Samuel Beckett. He photographed most of the litterary giants of the 20th century wherof 37 were Nobel Price winners, all portraied before they received the Nobel Price. In litterary circles people even talked about how it was necessary to be photographed by Özkök to have a chance to win the Nobel Price. He was born in 1923 and grew up in Istanbul, studied in Vienna and Paris and moved to Sweden in the 1950s to live with his Swedish love Marie. He lived in Sweden until his death in 2017. There is a copy right stamp at the back reading "Lutfi Özkök, Stamgatan 59 125 39 Stockholm. Tel 912527, Suede", as well as a label with hand written text "Andre Breton 1962". Also at the back, in pencil, "Andre Breton (1962)".

Item No: 4245