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[Early lithographs] [Aurnhammer, Jacob, Emmerich}

["Waldblick" and "Hohe Bastion mit Rundturm". Published in "XII Landschaften auf Stein gezeichnet von Aurnhammer und gedruckt bey Thod. Senefelder in München"]

[1806] 2 lithographs. Image areas 12,5 x 19,5 cm. The whole sheets 14 x 20 cm and 14 x 20,5 cm.

A couple of discreet pencil annotations at the backs. Slight paper residue in the top corners at the backs from former mountings. Very nice condition.

These are two exceedingly rare early lithographs by Jacob Emmerich Aurnhammer (1772-1817), a Regensburg Professor and amateur artist who became interested in the new reproduction metod of lithography, and published his work "XII Landschaften" in 1806, just ten years after the technique was invented by Alois Senefelder. Only 6 of the 12 lithographs in the work seems to be known. For sale here are "Waldblick" and "Hohe Bastion mit Rundturm" (titles given by Winkler) which are two of the known ones. Interestingly Alois Senefelder´s brother, Theobald, printed the work. The back of "Waldblick" has a blue stamp belonging to the great 19th century Swedish collector Christian Hammer. See: Winkler, Die Früzeit der deutschen Lithographie 028 (dates the lithographs 1806), Germanische Nationalmuseum, LGA7810 (dates the lithographs 1806), Ferchl, Dussler, and Wagner dates the lithographs 1802, but that is probalby wrong since they are older sources.

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