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[Photo books] Jaeger, Johannes

Nordiskt Kunstner-Album 1878. Et udvalg af nyere nordiske kunstvaerker photografierede af Johannes Jaeger (..) [and] Nordiskt Konstnärs-Album 1879. Ett urval af nyare nordiska konstnärer fotografierade af Johannes Jaeger (..)

Stockholm. Fr. Skoglund / G. E. C. Gad / Alb. Cammermeyer / Frenckell & Son. Tryckt i Central-Tryckeriet. 1877 [and] 1878. 4:o. 32 x 25 cm. 2 volumes. Volume I: Nordiskt Kunstner-Album 1878 : Title + contents + (2 pp.) + 74 pp. + 20 mounted photographs. Volume II: Nordiskt Konstnärs-Album 1879: 94 pp. including title, contents and 21 mounted photographs (the pagination includes the plates, which is a bit odd). All published.

Contemporary red blind stamped cloth with elaborate decorations in gilt and black. Title in gilt at the front boards and the spines. Some wear to the bindings, a bit more to the spine ends. Some browning to the margins of the text and the card boards.

The books reproduces contemporary 19th. century art in photography such as Cederström, Edelfelt, Rosen, Takanen, Kronberg, Dahlerup, Skoogvaard and many others. The text is either in swedish, danish or norwegian depending on the nationality of the artist. Two editions of the book was published simultaneously, one with a swedish title and one with a danish title. Here we have the first volume with the danish title and the second volume with the swedish title. The cover titles are in swedish at both volume. A pan nordic book endevour, which is an example of the focus on "Skandinavism" at this period in time. Books containing reproductions of art work in photography was very popular in the second half of the19th. century, eventhough it was only possible to make black and white photos. Photography made it possible for the first time to exactly reproduce art and distribute it among a great number of people. But these kind of books soon became obsolete when fine colour reproductions became available. They have not been valued in the 20th. century. Most copies was thrown away, which means that these importatant documents on early photo reproduction of art are scarce today.

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