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Hammarlunds Antikvariat

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Price: EUR 90,00

[Ludendorff. German propaganda photos from the first world war]

Senaste fotografi av generalkvartermästaren Ludendorff [and] Den genom tyska högkvarterets dagliga rapporter och som Hindenburgs medarbetare kände generalkvartermästaren Ludendorf.

[1914- 1918] 30 x 24 and 30 x 39,5 cm.

Pinholes in the corners. One corner with a small loss. A few minor tears and creases in the margins. Small tears and a minor loss to the paper strips.

The quintessential german general of the stern presussian military school. Ludendorff looks almost like a caricature of the iidea of a german officer. If the whole thing was not so enormously tragic it would be quite amusing how a persion can look so full of himself. The text is printed on laid down paper strips. These propaganda photos were likely distributed to several countries and provided with text strips in the appropriate language. The photos are numbered 1a and 1d. The text strips are numbered 1702 and 594a.

Item No: 4010