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[Atlas] Wiberg, Carl Fredrik / v. Mentzer, Th.

Atlas öfver allmänna historien. Gamla tiden [and] Medeltidens-, Nyare Tidens- och Nordens Historia.

Part One: fourth edition. Part Two: fifth edition. Stockholm. P. A. Huldbergs Bokaktiebolag. [1874 and 1878] 31 x 25 cm. Part one: Gamla Tiden: Title + 10 colour printed maps. Part two: Medeltidens-, Nyare Tidens- och Nordens Historia: Title + 14 colour printed maps.

Contemporary half calf. Marbled board papers. Worn spine. Damaged lower spine. Some wear to the binding. A short tear to one map. One map reinforced with tape along the margin at the back. Maps in very nice condition.

A swedish historical world atlas in two parts. Part one contains the ancient world and the second part contains the medieval times, the newer times and the history of Scandinavia. The atlas has its very own characteristic compared to most contemporary atlases.- with several insets and different lay outs. It was published in several editions. Mentzer also published a geographical atlas in several editions, first published in 1860.

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