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[China] Yvan, D

Kina och Kineserne. Iakttagelser öfver kinesernes seder och bruk i religion, lefnadsförhållanden, klädedrägt m.m. Antecknade under sista franska missionen till Kina [....] Öfversättning. Med 4 planscher.

Stockholm. J. J. Flodins förlag. 1847. 4:o. Title + (2 pp) + 64 pp + 4 lithographed plates.

Original yellow wrapper with title within blue ornamental frame. Sewn as issued. Unopened. Back wrapper missing. Binding loose. A bit worn. A small blue stamp in the margin of the wrapper, the first plate and the title page.

Charming book on China with four plates (Two handcoloured). An abriged swedish edition of the french travel journal by doctor Yvan, who was a part of a french embassy to China.

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