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[Plate] Skjöldebrand, A. F. / Heland, M. R.

Riviere de Kyro / Pörte. Habitation de Finois.

[1801-1802] Plate mark 32 x 48 cm. The whole sheet 36 x 51,5 cm. Aquatint.

Riviere de Kyro with printing slightly uncentered, meaning that there is a slight shadow just to the left of everything. A couple of creases and very faint staining to the margins.

The plate shows a section of the Kyro river in Finland and the interior of a Finnish cabin. Published for the work "Voyage pittoresque au Cap Nord", one of the earliest Swedish plate books in aquatint. The book depicts a voyage across Scandinavia to the North Cape. The original was designed by Adolf Fredrik Skjöldebrand and the plate was engraved by Johan Fredrik Martin.

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