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[Incunable] Fehr and Müller.

Lithographiskt trick gjort i Stockholm af Fehr & Müller.

Stockholm. [1818?] Paper size 24 x 30 cm. Image area 18 x 25,5 cm.

One faint brown spot. Nice condition.

A swedish lithographic incunable.The print is one of the first commercial lithographs produced in Sweden, probably a demonstration for the benefit of the new technique. In december of 1817 the germans Fehr and Müller arrived in Stockholm by invitation of the swedish king, to introduce lithography in Sweden. By the spring of 1819 Fehr left Stockholm and the partnership with Müller ceased. The print has the initials A. E. which probably stands for Albrekt von Lantingshausen who is known to have drawn early lithographs. The image must have been printed in 1818 or early 1819, Rare.

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