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Mayer, A / Tirpenne/ Gaimard, Jean-Paul

Randsfjord, pres Gran route de Christiania à Drontheim.

Paris. Imp. Lemercier. Benard et. Ce. [1843-1855] 30 x 45 cm. Tinted lithograph.

Closely cut. Nice and clean.

A view of a country road in the norwegian mountains. A plate from "Atlas Pittoresque" which is a part of the monumental work "Voyages en Scandinavie en Laponie au Spitzberg et aux Feröe" by Joseph-Paul Gaimard. He was the leader of a major french scientific voyage to the north to study all aspects of life. People, botany, zoology, geology, history etc. Ín 1838 the expedition left France on the ship "La Recherche" and sailed to Scandinavia. August Mayer - one of three artists on the expedition - sketched the present picture. The plate was lithographed by Tirpenne.

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