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[Plates] [Forssell, Christian / Dahlström, Andreas]

Allerum [and] Nerike

Ca. 1827 and 1860 28,5 x 22 cm. and 31 x 24 cm. Lithograph and engraving.

Nerike with a short tear to the left margin and some creases. Nerike with a couple of creases to the margins. A very short tear to the left margin.

These plates are almost never seen uncoloured which makes this an interesting opportunity to study the lithographic and engraving techniques. The engraving "Allerum" was published for the work "Ett år i Sverige" by Christian Forsell in 1827, which depicts swedish folk costumes. Forssell worked for many years in Amsterdam and Paris and had a great reputation as an engraver. Among other things he oversaw the production of Napoleon´s great work on Egypt. He was called back to Sweden by crown prince Carl Johan Bernadotte in 1816 to develop the fine arts. The lithograph "Nerike" was published by Andreas Dahlström about 1855-1860. Dahlström is percieved to be one of the best lithographers of his time, educated by the famous A. J. Salmson. Dahlström published numerous comic albums on swedish every day life as well as more serious ones depicting costumes and historical scenes.

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