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[Colour plate] [Lithographic incunable] [Boije af Gennäs, Fredrik]

[Fashion plate published for "Konst- och Nyhets Magasin för Medborgare af alla Klasser"]

Plate 16, volume 1. [Stockholm] [1818] 28 x 22 cm. Hand coloured lithograph.

Large margins. A brown stain in the upper margin. Very nice condition.

A beautiful plate of a chic woman dressed in the typical high waist fashion of the era, sitting in a stylish chair holding a book, with her flowery hat hanging on the side. "Konst- och Nyhets Magasin för Medborgare af alla Klasser" was the first fashion magazine published in Sweden. It was an important forerunner to other illustrated periodicals as well as a cultural inspiration with numerous plates and articles on art, fashion and breaking news. It was published by Fredrik Boije af Gennäs - who designed and etched most of the plates - in five volumes 1818-1823, (continued 1823-1844 in a smaller format under the name"Magasin för konst nyheter och moder"). The first volume (1818-1819) contains some of the first commercially produced lithographs in Sweden and counts as litographic incunables (firmly within the incunable period 1796-1821) Lithography was introduced in Sweden in 1818.

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