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[Caricature] D[aumier], H[onoré]

Histoire Ancienne. No 8. [From the "Album Histoire Ancienne" or the "Allbum Comique" (not from the "Charivari"). Printed on white quality paper. No text to the verso]

[Paris] Imp. dŽAubert & Cie. Chez Bauger, R. du Croissant 16. [1841-1843] 25 x 32 cm. Lithograph.

Closely cut. The caption shaved at the top of the lithograph.

A caricature by Daumier from the serie "Histoire Ancienne", which put the ancient world of the greeks and the romans in perspective by putting well known figures in absurd situations. Daumier was ahead of his time and was attacked for his work. Later Baudailaire and Offenbach followed suit and de-mystified the caracters of the ancient world. The text below the image reads: LA COLERE DŽAGAMENNON (...).

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