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[Plate] De Carmontelle L. C. / Delafosse

La Mahlheureuse Famille Calas. La mere, les deux filles, avdec Jeanne Viguiere, leurbonne servant, le fils et son ami, le jeune Lavaysse. (..) Avec privilege du Roi.

1765 or later. The whole sheet 35 x 43 cm. Cut inside the plate mark. Engraving.

Very small tears in the upper left and lower right corner. Some dirt to the margins.

The Callas was a french protestant family persecuted for their religious beliefs. In a very biased trial in 1762 Jean Calas received the death penalty for killing his son. Engraved by Delafosse after an original by Louis Carrogis (1717-1816). Carrogis was a painter, dramatist and author. Inventor of the "Transparent" an early kind of film projector with images painted to transparent paper bands on rolls.

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