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[Plates] [Smith, John?]

[The seven bishops committed to the tower in 1688] [and] The Bpp.s council [The Bishop´s Council]

[1688] 19,5 x 14,5 cm and 18 x 14,5 cm. Cut just outside the plate marks. Mezzotints.

Very nice condition.

Two plates with seven portraits each. The first depicting the seven bishops who refused to follow King James order on religious tolerance, declared in the spring of 1688. The bishop´s were imprisoned in the Tower of London for their disobedience but were later freed in the court of law. The bishop´s are: Francis Ld. Bpp. of Ety, Will. Ld. of St. Asaph, Tho. Ld. Bpp. of Bath & Wells, Will.m Ld. Arch Bpp. of Canterbury his Grace, Iohn Ld. Bpp. of Chichester, Iomathan Ld. Bpp. of Bristoll and Thomas Ld. Bpp. of Peterborow. The second plate depicts the bishop´s seven counselors. They are Sr. Robert Sawer, Sr. Creswell Levins, Sr. Geo. Treby, Sr. Francis Pemberton, Henry Polixfin Esqr, Iohn Summers Esqr, Heneag Finch Esqr. The mezzotints were probably executed by John Smíth after an unknown artist.

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