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[Maps] Abich, H.


L. Anst. v. h. Delius. Berlin. 1836- 1838. 3 lithographed maps numbered I-III. Map I and II are handcoloured and map III has some hand colouring. Map I: 23,5 x 39 cm. Map II 43,5 x 45 cm. Map III 34 x 43.

Map II with tears and creases to the margins and just into the image area. Also a crease across the map.

Charming maps depicting vulcanos in southern Italy. Map I gives a general view of Naples and its surroundings showing the vulcanos Vesuvio, Vultur and Roccamonfina. Map II gives a detailed overview of Roccamonfina and map III shows Vultur and some of its surroundings. They were all published in the work "Ûber die Natur und Zusammenhang vulkanischer Bildungen" by the german geologist Hermann von Abich (1806- 1886). (Two more plates - views - were published in that work). Map I and III have legends in colour listing different rock types with corresponding colours at the maps. Abich made extensive and sometimes dangerous scientific work among the italian vulcanos. He later became a professor at Dorpat University and spent most of his time in the Caucasus becoming the founder of scientific geology in that region.The titles of the maps are "Topographisch Geognostische Uebersichtskarte der continentalen Vulcanischen Gegenden im Königreich Neapel (..) 1838", "Topographisch geologisches bild des erhebungskraters von Roccamonfina (..) 1838" and Topographische Geognostische Skizze der Vultur im Königreich Neapel (..) 1836".

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